February 11th Mezcal tasting: Ilegal Mezcal

Espíritu is the official home of the Mezcal Society, a club dedicated to the appreciation of agave spirits. At Espíritu, we will be holding regular events featuring mezcal tastings guided by a Master Mezcalier, trained and certified in Mexico. Membership is complimentary. Tasting events will be held on Mondays at 6:00pm and will feature a flight of three mezcals.

Whether you are already a mezcal connoisseur, or just curious about trying mezcal for the first time, you are in the right hands with Espiritu!

Monday February 11th Event: Ilegal Mezcal tasting

This mezcal isn’t actually “illegal”, but it is smooth! An espadin from Ilegal is our featured mezcal for this event. We will be tasting mezcals of the same agave and of three different ages: Joven, unaged. Reposado, aged 4 months in oak. Añejo, aged 13 months in oak. Join us at Espíritu to learn about the exciting story behind Ilegal mezcal, and to taste some of the finest aged mezcals on the market.

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